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Warriors Trumped in Final Set

Warriors Trumped in Final Set

In a Friday night BIIF showdown between Kamehameha and Waiakea, Kamehameha came through in the final set with the semi-finals victory and their BIIF championship win against Hilo High. From the first set, Waiakea meant business, digging deep for difficult balls, and setting for good kills (A kill is spike that results in a point). Setters Shanice Navarro and freshman Tiani Teanio provided difficult digs to set up for Ariana Kaleo, Janel Dulan, and Macy Hayashi. Although the first set was close, Waiakea came out on top. In the second set, however, Kamehameha retaliated and moved ahead with a score of 25-13. The next two sets were the same as the first two, with Waiakea initially in the lead, but then getting too complacent and letting go of the lead in the middle set.

The final set was highly anticipated by the fans, coaches, and players. Both teams gave no leeway, bringing about a deuce. However, Kamehameha refused to let their season end and rallied against Waiakea in a good-ol’-fashioned clutch spike that Waiakea could not return. “The whole team cried,” Haley Apuakehau explained, “Going into next season we just need to work harder to get into States.” Indeed, it was an emotional game that struck many of the seniors hard, since their season didn’t end the way they wanted.


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