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Norwegian Student Symphony Performs at Waiakea

Norwegian Student Symphony Performs at Waiakea

Alexander Bitter

Students from the Oscar Youth and Children's Orchestra based in Oslo, Norway preform in the gym Friday before a crowd WHS students.

Yesterday during period 4, the Oscar Youth & Children Orchestra from Oslo, Norway performed for Waiakea High in the gym. Teachers from STAR and other academies brought their classes to this special show performed by the group of 26 Norwegian students, whose ages ranged from 12 to 18.

After Waiakea students sang Ku Waiakea to welcome their guests, the concert started. Although not all students were able to play, those who did gave a wonderful performance. They would often give a brief introduction of their instrument, and the title of the piece they would be playing. The music was classical and mostly written by European composers. The three instruments that were used were the violin, flute, and cello. All of the pieces were played beautifully, and it was obvious that the students had worked very hard to reach such a level of proficiency with their instruments. Towards the end, their teacher, Vladimir Stoyamov performed two pieces that completely amazed his audience, winning several rounds of applause, even before he was finished.

Three of the students gave some facts about their country and discussed what it is like going to school there. Many of the students who spoke were very charismatic and gained quite a few fans in the audience. Although there was only enough time for some of the students to play or speak, after Waiakea students bid farewell with Oli Mahalo, everyone was given time to interact and learn more about each other.

A member of the youth symphony poses for a photo with Waiakea students after the concert.

In an interview with the Ka Leo, Conductor Stoyamov noted that his students have spent a very long time playing music, ranging from 5 to 11 years. They meet every Wednesday for formal rehearsals, and they practice frequently at home.  Stoyamov also spoke very highly of his time at Waiakea: “It’s beautiful, and the people are so open and warm. We have seen a lot of new things, we are going to remember this!”  Many of the symphony’s members shared their teacher’s feelings toward their visit to WHS.  When asked what they liked best about Hawaii so far, the answers ranged from, “The climate,” to “Very nice people, very welcoming,” to “The girls!”

The students will be in Hawaii until next Friday. They will tour Volcanoes National Park, and they also intend on going to Kona to visit other schools on that side of the island. They seemed to have a lot of fun performing for Waiakea High and interacting with its students. Everyone at Waiakea loved the show, and they thoroughly enjoyed meeting with the Norwegians, talking with them, and just getting to know people their age from a very different part of the world.


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