May 13, 2016
by Karen Cruz

Military coins in business

A few years back, military coins were only given to people in the military – the Navy, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, and Marine. Getting one means you have shown exemplary performance and needs to be recognized. Having one boosts your morale. People will respect you especially when you have coins that belong only to the top ranks. A military coin comes in different colors. We have the copper, silver, gold, brass, or black nickel. Traditionally, the shape of a military coin is round. However, there are companies that manufacture military coins that are different in size. If you’re thinking about getting custom coins then visit  challengecoins4less.com.

If you see anyone with a military coin, you’d think he is in the military. These days however, a military coin is not only given to someone in the military. Many businesses are already giving out military coins to worthy employees. They believe it will improve their performance. Giving one does have its benefits. Here they are:

Brand Recognition :

Giving out military coins to customers would help a business in its advertising campaigns. It will surely bring brand awareness. And the latter is the key to being successful in any business. They would remember a brand better if it’s beautifully crafted in the coin. You may also distribute the coins during important exhibits.

Employee Recognition equals exemplary performance :

Custom-Coin-DesignA successful company knows how to take care of their resources. First would be the product or service that they are offering. If they know how to, or if they constantly improve the product, customers would patronize them. Another resource that a company should take extra good care of to be successful is the people behind it. Recognizing better performance of employees can do wonders to the company. These days, businesses give out a military coin to their employees. It helps boost their morale. Monetary rewards are good, but employees need to know that the company also values them. Giving out of a military coin to an employee who is consistent with his performance will help him perform best. Nothing can replace the feeling of being valued.

Custom coins for top performing employees :

We’ve already mentioned that giving out custom coins would benefit both the company and the employee. Businesses can also give out coins to a specific team in a company. One good example would be to give out custom coins to the sales teams to build solidarity and team spirit. That will surely bring honor to the employees.

Custom coins look beautiful especially if they’re beautifully crafted. Many people also prefer to receive coins than trophies. As a business, just make it a point to really customize your military coin to make it more beautiful and appealing to the employee. What you can do is find a manufacturer of coins that will let you customize it to your own taste. You may not want to also go with the traditional size, which is round. Play with your imagination here. Do you want to buy coins in a square shape? They are still coins if they’re not round, so long as they signify something.coins

There are many ways to boost an employee’s morale, or recognize great performance; however, giving out of custom coins is still considered to be effective. In fact, many businesses have already switched to giving out coins instead of trophies. They just need to really work with a good manufacturer for them to have only the best custom coins. Most manufacturers will let them have full control of the design. If you plan to give out more coins in the future, buy them in bulk. They’re more affordable that way as opposed to buying only a few coins. You can always save more when you buy in bulk.

Finally, if you’re thinking about getting custom coins, make sure you give them to the right people. It sure can give them confidence. They will lose their jobs more if they are given recognition by the company.

April 21, 2016
by Jonathan Jose

5 House-Hunting Tips to Remember When Buying Long Island Real Estate

Whether investing on a property or buying for your own, you have to be meticulous when getting a house and lot. After all, it is not a cheap purchase. Most people will have to take out a mortgage loan for this kind of purchase. To get a mortgage loan with an interest rate that will not be too difficult for you to pay, you must improve your credit score and financial situation.

If you are sure that your mortgage loan will be approved, then that is the only time that you should think about finding a Long Island real estate property to purchase. It is even better if you are pre-approved. As long as you ironed out a plan on how you will pay for the property, then you can hunt for a house without any problems.

Here are some helpful house-hunting tips that you should bear in mind when making your investment.

property1. Instead of using the computer to search for a property, it is still better to canvass for a house the traditional way. This means that you should look for open houses event and attend it. Of course, you can still use the Internet to search for the properties that might interest you. However, it is important that you personally visit the house and see its structure with your own two eyes.

2. Educating yourself on the market trends and values will definitely help a lot. By knowing the market trends and values, you will know when it is the right time to invest in a Long Island real estate property. The more educated you are, the more successful your house-hunt will be. Information about the location, neighborhood, and even statistics related to annual regional gains and the likes should be researched. A real estate agent should be the best source of insider information to rely on.

3. Take advantage of the low mortgage rates while they last. With low mortgage rates, it is easy to wrap up the purchase of the house at an affordable payment level for decades. Also, think about it. If you enjoy low mortgage rates to pay off the house and you rent it out, it is highly likely that the rental payment you earn is higher than the mortgage payment. You can enjoy a hefty profit out of the Long Island real estate property too.

home4. Build your real estate team before bidding. It is impossible to invest in a real estate property if you are on your own. Make sure to establish good business relationships with real estate professionals. Make a team composed of real estate agents, home inspectors, lenders, closing attorneys, and other experts. By having easy access to these professionals, your house-hunting venture will yield more positive results. The professionals will be able to help not only with house-hunting but even with getting a mortgage loan that is affordable for you.

5. Think about how you can win the bidding war with an equally prepared buyer. You have put effort into forming the real estate team and educating yourself about Long Island real estate. However, that does not mean that you are the best bidder out there. Other buyers might come as fully prepared as you. If you want to win the bid, then put a change-up on your offer. Consider adding an escalation clause that states the amount you will automatically be willing to add above your competitor’s bid.

These are effective house-hunting tips that you can use when you want to purchase a Long Island real estate property. Through these tips, you can get a house at a rate that is affordable for you to pay. You can get the house you truly want if you follow these essential house-hunting tips. Use these tips so you can make the most out of your investment.

Welcome to li-realestatefinder.com, your one stop shop for Long Island Real Estate

April 20, 2016
by Alex May

Helpful Tips When Inspecting Storage Containers

A lot of businesses and different individuals use storage containers for a number of purposes. Although people do not need them as often as possible, companies that are into production do need storage units to transport their finished products from their warehouse going to the market. It is essential that buyers also understand the reason why they need the unit and how often they are going to need it.

Before you can make up your mind to buy or rent a storage box, it is always wise to take time to inspect it. Even though it can be a daunting task to inspect a massive storage unit, it is not actually difficult as it sounds.

Here are some helpful tips that you can follow to make inspection easier for you.
Always check the doors by swinging them in and out.

Storage-containersThis will enable you to see if they are strong and sturdy. Check out also if the containers make any unusual sound whenever you open or shut the door. If you are using second hand containers, it may need a bit of extra effort to open and close the door. Although this is not a sign of a problem, you have to make sure that the doors are aligned. If not, then this is definitely something that you need to look into.

Check the CSC container inspection plate that must be present in all storage containers.

This should contain all the basic information about the storage boxes. Typically, it comprises of the date and year of manufacture, the manufacturer, and the model of the units. These are important information that will serve as your guideline. Based on the date of manufacture, you will be able to determine the current condition of your storage units.

Make sure that you take a look from the inside.

Inspect the containers from within as you take a look into the walls and the ceilings to see if they are in good condition. Keep an eye on scratches and rust to see if it is well kept. Rust can spread on the units and can make a hole in them so you can see light that enters in the storage boxes.

It is also important that you check the corners of the containers for any signs of rust.

This is a red flag that you have to be wary of when you intend to buy or rent storage units for whatever purpose you have in mind. You also need to look for marks and any other signs that indicate trouble to make sure that you are not deceived or you don’t buy storage units in bad state.

You also need to have a look of the inside of the storage containers.

This will help you see any dents or dings as well as rusted areas in the storage units. It is very important to check them from the top since there is a big chance of high exposure to sunlight. You should also check if the roof is still in good condition and sturdy. You can do this by applying force with your hand on the walls to see if they are stable and strong. If the storage boxes have loose components, they can be more prone to accidents and damage.

You will find a number of storage containers that can be for rent or for sale from different dealers.

You need to look for a reputable dealer that you can trust. He will be able to recommend containers based on your requirements so you will feel safe to buy or rent storage boxes for your needs.

Movable Cubicle Storage containers is a one-stop look for all your stockpiling needs.Portable Storage holders are strong and tried and true.

March 25, 2016
by Elsie Hamilton

Tracing the Birth of the Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Ever wondered how phones, handheld gaming devices, radios, tablets, and other forms of technology evolved into these that we use nowadays? These went through a series of changes and innovations before it reached the market to the modern-time consumers. The gut of these gadgets is called printed circuit board assembly.

Now is the time to learn about the history of PCB assembly.

The printed circuit board assembly was developed around 1980s. Initially, in the 1850s, systems of electrical connections were made of metallic rods and strips conjoining electrical components mounted on a base made of wood. These were very large apparatus back then. Afterwards, these huge metallic components were changed into wires attached to terminal of screws. Metal chassis replaced the base made of wood. To improve operation using circuit boards, designs were reduced in size and made compact.

PCBCome the twentieth century, the more advanced printed circuit boards were made. The early inventors that used the printed circuit concept were Albert Hanson, Thomas Edison, Arthur Berry, Max Schoop and Charles Ducas. In 1903, Albert Hanson, a German inventor, etched layers of flat foil, set of conducting materials, mounted on a non-conductive board. After that, in 1904, Thomas Edison tried and experimented on chemical techniques to plate conductors on linen paper.

Arthur Berry of Britain patented his own “print-and-etch” method in 1913. In the intervening time, in the United States, Max Schoop made a PCB design using flame-sprayed metal attached to a board, then finished with a mask of patterns. In 1925, Charles Ducas of the US invented electrical linkages with electrically conductive inks printed on stencils; this started the name “printed wiring” or “printed circuit”. The Ducas’ pattern is known as electroplating of circuits.

In the year 1930, Paul Eisler, an Austrian, graduated as an engineer from Vienna University. Eisler invented the printed circuit board in 1936. The PCB assembly that he invented was made of copper foil layer mounted on a non-conductive base reinforced by glass. It was used for radio sets or transistors.

Eisler was held in captivity during the Second World War. However, Eisler avoided discouragement, and he was released from prison in 1941. Thus, he searched for capitalists to invest on his invention. Eisler learned about Camberwell, a company of lithography. Fortunately, PCB assembly caught the attention of the said company. Hence, Camberwell offered a contract with Paul Eisler; thrilled, the mister signed the contract without going through it comprehensively. The act of ignorance led to the transfer of rights of the invention to Camberwell. Despite the mishap, Eisler, in 1943, still obtained the patent of the PCB in its other forms.

Eisler’s PCB became known to the military of the United States. During the World War II, the military used the printed circuits for bomb detonators as well as for anti-aircraft proximity fuses. In the end of the war, Americans won against Germans as they used the great advancement, the printed circuit board assembly of Paul Eisler. After the World War II, the US allowed commercial use of the PCB.

The printed circuits boomed in the mid 1950’s as used in commercialized devices. Company named Hazeltine patented their own design of the PCB assembly in 1961 called “through-hole”. Following, in the 1970s, integrated circuit chips were invented.
The through-hole method gave birth to the smaller boards being used in present time. Manufacturers used the smaller boards to make more compact gadgets or devices. The through-hole method is still being applied nowadays. Hence, the PCBs being used for light compact devices are comprised of 50 layers or greater.

In the modern world, we use gaming devices, remote controllers, and tools for communication. All these encase printed circuit board assembly in its compact and lighter version. The innovation of the PCB never ends, as we see changing trends in technology.

March 15, 2016
by Harriet Williams
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Fast Facts About Golf Balls

Most attention and importance are placed on golf clubs, but most people do not realize just how much influence golf balls have on one’s performance. Adequate understanding of these dimpled balls can do a lot in improving performance and skill level.

The basic things to know about these balls include the type, the cover material, and compression. These properties help improve a golfer’s handicap and get better game results.

Types of Golf Balls

There are different types of balls to choose from. The 2-piece ball has a hard outer cover and an inner core made of solid material. These are designed specifically for durability and distance. Beginners have better game with this type. It can withstand hitting hazards and trees, which is a common occurrence among beginner golfers.

Golf BallsMultilayered balls or the 3-piece type has either a solid or liquid inner core, often a gel material. The inner core is covered with a molded rubber material and forms an outer core. The outer cover is made from softer material. The cover is designed to allow higher rates for spins. These are also considerably more expensive than the 2-piece type.

High performance or intermediate balls combine the distance property of the 2-piece type and the capability for high spins of the 3-piece type. This works best for low handicap players. However, intermediate balls have lower durability and are often expensive.

Types of Cover

The ball cover is very important. The durability determines the ball’s tendency for dents. These dents result from the ball getting hit the club. These alter the ball performance and reliability of shots during the game. Hence, a ball cover should be durable enough to withstand shots and hits on trees and other hazards.

Also covers determine the spin rates of golf balls. Softer outer covers provide higher spins. Harder covers provide less spins.

Materials used for covers also differ. Balls with Surlyn for an outer cover are the most preferred. This is a hard resin that has high resistance against cuts. This material helps create longer distance. These balls are also more affordable than others.

Balata is another material used for golf ball covers. This material is rubber-like. It is a softer cover than Surlyn. This cover material allows the ball to create more spin. Golfers also get a better feel with Balata covers. However, this material is less durable and is more expensive than Surlyn.

Golf BallElastomer is another cover material. This is a rubber material and is used for balls designed for golfers with low handicap. It combines the characteristics of Surlyn and Balata. It offers durability and more spin. However, this ball is harder to control because it is designed for high spins and power.


Compression is another important characteristic. It creates density, which influences the loft and distance. When the club hits the ball, the force flattens or compresses the ball. The compression determines how the ball handles the force of impact and flexibility to avoid breaking apart when hit. It also determines how much of the club’s energy is transferred into the ball, affecting how high and how far it flies. Lower compression results in greater distances.

Compression is available as 80, 90 or 100. The lowest compression is 80 where the ball has a soft core that results in a spring-like reaction when hit. This improves distance. A 100 compression means tighter core, which works well for golfers with high swing speeds.

These are just the basic components that one should start with when learning more about golf balls. Taking these into consideration helps in getting the right ball for optimum play.

February 13, 2016
by William Craft
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Patches in Every Era

custom patchesRemember the roaring 80s? When everyone was obsessed with their Rubik’s cubes and no one gets over with Star Wars. How about the 70s when bell bottom pants and disco fever is boiling the world? Or back in the 60s when everything is floral and has the obsession with peace? It’s been decades and we’re now in 2010s. Do you know the fad during those days? It’s not only button pins and clothes that are now considered hip but also patches!

Patches were very popular during those decades. It can be seen on uniforms, jackets, toys and anything that is made of fabric. They are present every single piece of your clothing whether it’s embroidered by your nana on a shirt for your 10th birthday, stitched on your coat to make it more classy, or ironed on with a print of your favorite Saturday morning show.

Back in the 60s, patches were made as a symbol of peace.

They are stitched on hippies’ robes with two fingers not indicating war victories but asking to stop them. The famous peace sign that is based from Nero’s cross is also popular during this era as well as rainbows, flowers, and drug usage. The emblems are also there on cars, necklaces, and even tattooed everywhere as a cry to pacify the world on ways they know.Outlaw Bikers are also infamous during the 60s, you can see their scrounge get up and misdemeanor, as well as patches of different sizes around their black vests and some attached to the bikes. The era is also known to have the Beatles who advocates the same philosophy of discouraging pointless fights and different point views. Of course, if you’re familiar with boy bands you’ll also have trinkets or memorabilia to indicate your obsession.

During the 70s, when the quirky flower power statement is a fad, the patch is the main accessory on clothes (mainly to fill in holes). If your favorite turquoise slim fit shirt got punctured you can stitch a neon color flower to fix it. Is the pair of paints you have too boring? Put a patch on it so it will be more colorful and eyes are all around your cool getup. There are many ways of adding these on all your clothes and one example includes Velcro if you have a lot and want to mix and match them.

The 1980s is the golden age of these accessories.

You can see them from caps, shorts, jackets, and cardigans. Various designs can range from the popular cartoons, the awesome pop singers, and the first video games from Nintendo. The patch during this era is not only embroidered by also ironed on. Since embroidered ones are very tedious to create and Velcro has risks of getting removed from clothes,iron-on types proved to be useful. All you need is get the design you want a working flat iron and voila! Your boring shirt can now be bragged to your friends!

Today, patches are now a thing of a past but fashion statements recycles so why not return the trend of using these accessories? Now that we’re on the era of digital and computerized design we can simply draw our design and print it. You don’t even need to embroider it manually!  You can heat it on an iron, or even just print the patch and collect it on its own. The limitation is your creativity and you can even go retro from the past decades if you’re feeling nostalgic.You can print a patch of your favorite boy band, the logo of your team, or just anything that is in your creative mind!

January 16, 2016
by Shawn Duke
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How to Make Rubber Bracelets

Do you want to learn how to make rubber bracelets? Do you want to know the step-by-step guide in making one? Before we start we must first clarify that these bracelets are often mistaken for rainbow loom bands. They may look alike but they differ in purpose. Through the years, there had been an increasing demand for these bracelets. No wonder many people, housewives included, are starting to learn how to make them and start earning some extra income for them.

To begin with, how do we make rubber bracelets? First of all, you will need the following materials:

paper towel, bowl, rubber bands, food coloring, bowl, glue, permanent marker, stencil, accessories and stamping device. So here it goes.

First, choose the size of the rubber band that you’re going to use.

If, however, you’re planning to personalize it, choose a much wider rubber band. But before beginning the process, make sure that you try it on first to ensure that it will fit anyone who’s going to wear it and be comfortable with it.

Second, pour some warm water in a bowl. Add a little drop of food coloring to the bowl.

However, if you want a darker color for your bracelet, you can add more colors to the bowl.

Third, you can now drop the rubber bands or bracelets into the bowl.

Rubber bandOnce it reaches your desired color, it is now time to remove it from the bowl.

When removing the bracelets, use gloves and let them dry on paper towels. After the bracelet had been dried out, you can now add your desired accessories to it. When writing down names, letters or other words, you can make use of permanent markers to write it down. There you have it! You now have made your own rubber bracelets.

Now that you’ve made your own rubber bracelets, the next thing that you would want to know is how to sell it. There are many things that you can do in order to sell them. You can begin with your friends, relatives, co-workers, or acquaintances. Just by telling or showing them your product, they will soon be interested about it. Another way of selling your product is by joining fares and bazaars. Especially now that the holiday’s season is near, hopefully people may arouse their interest in your product.

Another way of selling your product is by way of special events. For example you hear that there is an upcoming fun run or sports events, before the day of the event you can make rubber bracelets just for that occasion. So when the date of the event comes, you can sell it at the venue itself.

Selling these bracelets is online is another option. You can advertise your product online. All you need is a computer and a reliable internet connection. So there you have it! These are just some of the things you can do to make and earn money with bracelets. Once the orders keep pouring in, there will come a time that you will need more workers to help you make the job easier. Of course, at the start it may be only you or some friends, or even your daughter can help you.

In conclusion, these bracelets are not so hard to make and sell. It will not even cost you a big amount of money. What you really needed is the time, effort and patience to begin the work. After you’ve seen all the fruits of your labor that is the time you can relax and enjoy. So if you’re planning to make one today, go ahead and do it.


December 15, 2015
by Glenda Douglas
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When Motivation Fails

Many companies and organizations have turned to motivational speakers to help them sustain their employees’ and members’ passion towards their work. As people become comfortable and settled in their jobs and respective positions, it is inevitable that they become complacent and less and less motivated. Most of the time, the degree of complacency and lack of drive can be seen in their mediocre outputs. And no one can blame them. They’ve been in the job for far too long, doing the same thing that it becomes a routine. There’s no more challenge and no more excitement. They need a shock that will bring passion back into their work lives.

Motivational speakersA motivational speaker is described as someone who talks to inspire and motivate people to get into action and work on achieving a certain goal. Some are born with this skill and has an inherent charisma to encourage a big group. But more often than not, these speakers are also trained and experienced people who has in-depth knowledge of how to drive people to perform.

Though many people have attested to being inspired and motivated by certain speakers they’ve listened to, there are also those who swear that they got nothing out of it but a huge waste of time.

Here are some reasons why motivational talks fail sometimes:

All talk and no play. Some speakers will simply stand on the stage and go into a one-hour narration of dos and don’ts. They will spew out tons and tons of information (mostly through a hail of power point bullets) and not once check with their audience for understanding. They are talking for themselves and will usually leave their audience with nothing but stiff necks and sore backs from sitting on an unpadded chair for one straight hour.

Too much of everything. This motivational speaker is the opposite of the “all talk and no play” speaker. He bombards his audience with jokes and funny anecdotes and unending activities. He has all sorts of props and even costume changes. His participants would spend most of their hour probably standing on their feet running around. At the end of the hour, they’d be all tired and spent and will all hurriedly pack their stuff and go home. There was no takeaway. Too much play but not enough meat to promote learning.

Bedtime stories. Some people have been subjected to an hour of storytelling. There were tales of heartbreaks and triumphs. There were heart-wrenching stories of tragedies, terrible losses, and soaring successes. They cried buckets of tears and then cried some more. But in the end, they learned nothing. All they got were stories. They went home feeling inspired and energized but then realized that they didn’t really know how to succeed or overcome their heartbreaks and losses. They were only given the “what” but not the “how.” A good motivational speaker does not only seek to inspire. He also aims to provide guidance by giving his audience tried and tested steps that will help them achieve their goals.

One time only. Other people have talked about attending a very moving talk by a very good motivational speaker and that’s all there is to it. The talk became nothing but a memory. It was that one day when they’ve felt so inspired and full of life. That one day when they felt they could own the world. One day. Just one day. So, what happened after? Nothing. There was no follow through. The fire that was ignited never really materialized into a full raging fire. There was no fuel to sustain it. There was no reinforcement like additional training or workshops to nurture the learning and track the progress. It became just a one-time thing, slowly fading to nothingness as the days pass by.

October 24, 2015
by Evie Dibdin
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How Challenge Coins are Made

coinChallenge coins come in a variety of shapes, sizes, finishes and designs which could overwhelm anyone looking to get coins produced. But in order to figure out what custom options one should opt for, it would be best to first understand how challenge coins are made.
The first step is the designing stage. At this point, design ideas from the customer would be developed and refined. The artwork can furnished by the customer himself or it can be done by artists from the manufacturer. The layout can be in any format. Even pencil sketches can be turned into a usable design for a coin. However, most professionals now employ graphic design software to make more precise artwork. The final design would have to be approved by the customer and the manufacturer before proceeding to the next stage. The design specifications should also include the shape and metal style that the client wants.

In the molding stage, the design is molded into plastic clay. When the mold has been perfected, a rubber substance is poured into it and allowed to set. Once ready, it is attached to an engraver that transfers the design onto a blank coin. The coin is made of the base metal that the customer has chosen. It must be ensured that the engraver have the approved design in reverse, otherwise, the final coin would have a reversed design instead.

This step takes almost a month to accomplish. That is also why the customer must allow for a long processing time for the manufacturing of challenge coins. If the coins are rushed in production, this could lead to items of sub-par quality.

Next comes the striking stage where the engraver is set onto an anvil and a hammer is pounded onto it. This results in the design being stamped on the coin. For coins with designs on both sides, two engravers would be used and the blank coin is inserted between them before striking. So, the two sides will have their designs appear simultaneously.

Then, the plating stage is when the newly struck metal coin will be given a plating as desired by the customer. They can choose from a variety of plating options with the most popular ones being silver and gold. The metal will, then, be finished according to the client’s desired look. Some metals can be polished to a high sheen or dulled to create an antiqued, aged look.

If the design of the challenge coin involves color, then the painting stage comes next. This is done by hand and each color is applied one by one. So, a large batch of orders would take a long time to paint depending also on the number of colors to be used and the complexity of the design. Those with fine lines and small details will involve a lot of care from artisans to make.

Lastly, the protecting stage is where the challenge coin will be coated in a protective enamel or epoxy to make sure that the paint will not easily wear off and to also guard against nicks and scratches on the metal. The recesses in the design will have to be filled in carefully and the surface coated evenly for a professional appearance. In this stage, textures using the coating can also be applied to the coin. This adds dimension to the designs and is good for highlighting parts that would benefit from further emphasis.

Online services for manufacturing challenge coins like www.challengecoins4less.com offer services on their website that will allow you to easily design and choose the coins you want. They also provide an effortless transaction with different payment gateway methods and free shipping that will get your challenge coins to you in the most efficient way possible.